Eat & Drink

Merry Go Round

Playful but sophisticated, a carousel of flavors and a rollercoaster of delights await the guests of Merry Go Round. For the Playful at heart and those who like to have a little fun, our Merry Go Round Piano Bar and Lounge gives you delicacies from all over the globe. Merry Go Round delivers a Michelin experience, from its helpful staff ready to give you wine recommendations to its artisanal menu offerings and Michelin Chef, that will keep you stimulated while always delivering on superior quality and presentation. Yet despite its velvet rope, this restaurant – which is also a piano bar – provides all of the grandeur without any pretension, making it a must-try reverie of an experience for everyone, through every season.


Kitchen opening hours:

- Lunch from 12:00 noon till 03:30 PM.

- Dinner from 07:00 pm till 11:30 PM.