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Merry Go Round

It's All About Being Merry!     
Missing a little fun? Feeling famished? Need a pick-me-up? Then set your sights on our racy concept outlet: The Merry Go Round.Pleasure seekers will surely be aroused at the sight of our Merry Go Round. A Wine Bar, Lounge, Restaurant, and Terrace, she’s got all it takes to give you complete satisfaction. Round the clock fun, she’s open 24 hours a day and never stops giving you memorable moments. Playful at heart and naughty but nice, The Merry Go Round isn’t a simple restaurant – it’s an eruptive experience. She’ll first get you in the mood with her wine selection, and once she’s softened you up - she’ll stimulate your emotions with her enticing piano and exotic music. Why don’t you tease yourself with our nibbles? Better yet why don’t you go all in with some juicy delights, she’ll give you toe-curling dishes and drinks that’ll make you squirm. One sip from her fresh cocktails will set your emotions ablaze and have your blood rushing. You can also set your lips on a fulfilling platter, her dishes will definitely take you there – you may come back for round two… or three. The Merry Go Round will have you gasping for air and begging for more!