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Sophia Fakhry Interviewed by CP Magazine
21 December 2017

Sophia Fakhry Interviewed by CP Magazine

The Smallville Hotel – A hotel full of superheroes!

Sophia Fakhry describes the Smallville Hotel in Beirut as the ‘utopia of a civilized city’. Along with her superhero staff, Sophia promises each guest a unique, emotional experience and, thanks to the hotel mascot, one they’re unlikely to forget.

1. Please introduce yourself to our readers:
My name is Sophia Fakhry. I manage an urban design hotel and I am one of its stakeholders. I’ve always loved the hospitality industry as I was raised on a similar family background. I love life, enjoy art, music, hotels, theatres, outings, food, travelling and innovation. I love taking risks and training talents to be superheroes!

2. Tell us about your education.
I have a bachelor administration in Communication Training from the Lebanese American University, LAU. I have an Education degree; I taught in elementary school until I emerged in the family business and moved into hospitality. I also have experience in Business Consulting.

3. How did you start out in the hotel industry? What inspired you?
I grew up with lot of dreams. Through my travel, I started exploring design hotels where I was inspired, and decided to have my own. I named it ‘TheSmallville Hotel’ after my beloved small town, Beirut.

4. Tell us about the Smallville Hotel. What makes it unique and sets it apart?
The Smallville Hotel is the reflection of the ideal city.[...] Click here to read more

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